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Administrator foruma
Administrator foruma

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Datum upisa : 15.11.2010
Lokacija : Novi Sad

PočaljiNaslov: read the rules   20th Novembar 2010, 2:28 am

Rules of conduct in the forum:

The administrator is the person responsible for the technical operation of the forum. The administrator is not responsible for the content of messages in the Forum or any consequences that may possibly arise using Forum, or content in the Forum. Super Administrator NOT censor. Therefore up to you to know that all posts on this forum express the views and opinions of the author and not the forum administrator. Therefore, you are obliged to comply with the following directions:

* You will not behave rudely.
* You will not use vulgar words or phrases in the sense of insult.
* You will not insulting users in discussions, especially on national, racial or other origin.
* You will not violate the copyright, either directly or indirectly.
* You will not engage in illegal activity or racism, including instructions or discussions about it.
* You will not engage in slander or harassment.
* You will not promote or use software or services for sending inappropriate e-mail.
* You will not transmit the contents of a political nature.
* You will not submit content that is inconsistent with the law.
* You will not transmit any material which is in any way inappropriate.
* Administrator has the right to delete, edit or zatvorti any topic at any time if deemed necessary.
* Administrators / Moderators are not obliged to give you explanations of his actions at the Forum!

Terms of Use Forum:

* Messages are sent in the appropriate forums! Messages posted in the wrong forums will be moved or deleted.
* Use descriptive titles for the topics. This will help others to find the information they need. Issue with a bad title can be deleted! For example: "Need Help!"
* First, see what has been written about the topic that interests you. Make sure not to repeat this theme by asking something that has already been discussed many times.
* Do not send messages with the purpose just to annoy others. Such messages will be immediately deleted.
* No personal attacks! Criticize ideas, not people. Contention will not be tolerated.
* Respect the privacy of others. Do not send other people's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc.. without the consent of that person.
* Do not go on old themes. If you want to continue an old discussion (older than 3 months), start a new topic with reference to the old.
* Ads are not allowed!
* NO CAPITAL LETTERS! It turns LIKE shout! Do not write messages with the title or content that contains all caps or your posts will be deleted! The text consists of words written by the very large letters are not only annoying and it is considered impolite, but also read 50% slower than normal written text.


* Post must be polite and must not contain advertising!
Avatar can be sent to the Forum via the profile settings.


* Signature must be polite and must not contain advertising!
* The signature may be sent to the Forum via the profile settings.

Posting pictures
* A month you can set up to four photos of your dog in the topic Miniature Pinscher
* To set up more of your pictures you present your topic or dog kennel

Ad Placement
* When you set the column Automoto:: Buy / Sell ad is locked
* You can contact the administrators if you wish to edit your ad

Doing so can be immediately and permanently, without notice, be excluded from the Forum. IP address of all posts is recorded to the violation of these rules. As a user you are responsible for the information you enter and they will be stored in a database.

By using this board you agree to all these rules and you agree to abide by them!

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read the rules
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